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According to the World Economic Forum Report, by the end of this decade, 10% of the world GDP will be stored on Blockchain Platforms.


Pivotal is uniquely qualified to bring this platform to the market with our high caliber team and the strong partnerships we are building.

Pivotal Technologies are building a blockchain-based trading platform to tokenize, liquefy, and securitize illiquid assets to make these available to investors ​globally.

The system is now in the production pilot phase. 

Our 3 key business areas are:

  1. First Market Issuance

  2. Secondary Market Trading

  3. Digital Asset and Wealth Management

Our platform will bring significant benefits to our market participants, including:

  • Fractional asset ownership and wider market access for digital tokens across geographic and jurisdiction boundaries

  • Securitized Tokens and immutable transaction records with Trust and Transparency

  • Increased liquidity pool for alternative asset classes which are not previously accessible to investors

  • Last but not least, Efficient market exchange with T+0 settlement and lower funding cost;

Pivotal one of the first market mover in this area.

PT Liquidity can tokenize illiquid assets including Diamond, Real Estate and Fine Wine...etc;


Our Services

Technological Solution
Provides Liquidity
Key Benefits of PT Liquidity

Unlock Liquidity

PT Liquidity provides 24/7 online trading capability and enables fractional ownership of illiquid assets such as fine wine, artwork, diamond...etc.  

High Efficiency

Smart contracts enable automation and significantly improve the efficiency of the settlement process.

Synergies Between Market Participants

Market participants such as issuers and brokers can agree to cross-sell their products to extend the reach to more investors.


All product details including legal documents are stored in a blockchain that provides transparency to the market participants to see all the details.

Low Cost

Blockchain technology significantly reduces the reliance of the middle parties which makes the cost of the whole process a lot cheaper.

2nd Market Trading

PT Liquidity offers 2nd market trading provides liquidity for investors to trade their assets. Liquidity providers can market make their assets on the platform.


Issuance Process


Understand the user's capital requirements propose a number of issuance options to our clients.


Onboard the new client on our platform. Setup the new issuance workflow. Upload all client and product details and provide user training.


All the relevant parties have reviewed all the documents and details and then sign-off the issuance.


The asset has been tokenized and issued on PT Liquidity and available for our investor community to start trading.

What Product can be launched on PT Liquidity?
Fine Wine
Letter of Credit
Other Asset
Fine Arts



Pivotal Technologies team are highly experienced technology professionals with strong background in building and transforming mission critical systems such as Marketing Making, Algorithmic Trading, and Transaction Processing systems. One of our founding member is a PhD of AI and the world champion of Robot Dog World Cup in 2001. Pivotal Technologies is an approved incubatee in Hong Kong Science Park


We provide a team of high calibre technology professionals with strong track record in solution delivery

We deliver comprehensive and bespoke platform solutions including Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for organisations to realize business value with agility and efficiency


Pivotal Technologies provides a team of highly experienced professionals to implements a blockchain based platform to tokenize illiquid assets and offer secondary market trading.

Pivotal Technology solutions are based on industry-leading architecture including microservices and open Application Programming Interface (API) technologies.


Tel: + 852 6171 5620

Smart-Space 4/F, Core E, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong


Tel: +852 6171 5620

Smart-Space 4/F, Core E, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong

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